Redbus Ventures provides capital to early stage businesses, investing in ventures that will benefit from its capital, management resources and experience. Below are some of the companies which Redbus has invested in or co-founded.

Example Case Studies


  • OnCare is modernising elderly care, by replacing inefficient, paper-based processes with technology; and providing families with a way to find local care thats right for them
  • OnCare's enable care providers to manage every aspect of care delivery - from care planning through to scheduling and reporting - while keeping the client and their family fully involved in the process
  • In early 2018, Redbus participated in the seed round alongside Alex Chesterman (Zoopla), London Co-Investment Fund, Startup Funding Club, and Angels Den


  • Thriva is a proactive health service that uses at-home test kits the help people to easily understand and improve their internal health
  • Thriva uses the gold standard in health measurement - blood testing - and identifies both long-term risks as well as markers that affect how you feel day-to-day
  • Redbus invested alongside Alex Chesterman (Zoopla) in the seed round


  • Huggg is on a mission to put real product into messaging - a bridge from the mobile to the real world
  • App gives the ability to give product via message platforms. A coffee for example in your message becomes a coffee in the hands of the receiver. A real emoji for when words are not enough. That’s a huggg
  • In winter 2018, Redbus participated in the seed round alongside Alex Chesterman (Zoopla)


  • Ouster is a Silicon Valley based start-up developing a lidar-based localisation and perception system that allows autonomous vehicles to measure and map their surroundings with high accuracy and at low cost
  • Every autonomous taxi, truck, Amazon delivery drone, industrial robot, combine harvester, etc. will need a localisation and perception system to operate – Ouster is building that system
  • Redbus alongside Carthona Capital invested in the SEED round and in the follow on Convertible Round


  • Auro is an audio personal trainer powered by music and personalised by data science
  • Auro provides trainer led audio fitness classes for the gym outdoors or at home curated with the perfect playlist of tracks you know and love
  • In summer 2018, Redbus participated in the pre-seed round with Alex Chesterman (Zoopla), Stefan Glaenzer (Passion Capital) and other business angels


  • Cleo is an AI assistant that empowers millennials to make better financial decisions
  • Cleo syncs with multiple financial accounts to provide a holistic view of your finances and uses machine learning to deliver actionable insights into your spending
  • In summer 2016, Redbus participated in the seed round alongside Alex Chesterman (Zoopla), Errol Damelin (Wonga) and Niklas Zennström (Skype)


  • TRIK is an enterprise drone software that empower engineers to track their asset progress in 3D
  • TRIK turns photos from drones into a digital twin of the asset and uses machine learning to detect changes and predict trends. It is an ideal solution for structural survey, inspection, maintenance, asset monitoring and insurance
  • In early 2018, Redbus participated in the seed round alongside Alex Chesterman (Zoopla)


  • Peerspace is a two two-sided marketplace that enables users to easily search for and book short-term (sub-day) spaces for an event (whether it be a celebration, work offsite or a creative space)
  • The marketplace provides users with visibility to a variety of innovative spaces and unique sites that are otherwise difficult to find, such as art galleries, photo studios, warehouses, lofts, or museums
  • Peerpsace is the dominant US platform
  • Redbus invested alongside Carthona Capital in the Series A

infinity health

  • Infinity is a mobile-first collaboration and task management solution for healthcare
  • Infinity dramatically improves safety and efficiency by transforming the way healthcare professionals share critical information and coordinate care for their patients
  • Redbus invested in the seed around alongside, Darren Reiss (REISS), Alex Chesterman (Zoopla) and twenty senior NHS clinicians/consultants


  • Perlego is an e-textbook subscription service that is making academic content more affordable
  • To date the platform works with over 1400 publishers including Taylor & Francis , Wiley, Springer, Pearson and Bloomsbury
  • In Summer 2016 Redbus led the seed round alongside Darren Reiss (Reiss) and Michael Sackler (Rooks Nest)


  • Credible is a comparison tool transforming the student loan business in the U.S. and has created a market-place for this and other financial products
  • Redbus was the largest investor in the seed round (2013) and in the two subsequent financing rounds and has been working closely in support of the founder
  • Credible won the "Best 2.0 Company" award of the 2014 LAUNCH Festival
  • September 2015, Credible closes a $10 million Series A funding round
  • January 2015, Credible closes a $10 million Series B funding round

Furniture Online

  • Redbus participated in the Series A and Series B round of the leading online furniture business in Australia
  • Through its two brands Furniture Online and Beds Online the company has achieved substantial growth rates and has already achieved meaningful profitability


  • Redbus invested in Perkbox’s Seed round in 2011
  • Perkbox is a leading employee and customer engagement platform
  • Perkbox has a team of 250+ staff with offices in London and Sheffield
  • 2018 total revenue of £53M (+54% yoy), from 6,800 companies with 525k end users and including 46% growth in core recurring employee engagement subscription rev
  • 25th in the FT1000 list of Europe’s 1000 fastest growing companies for 2019


  • Redbus in syndicate (through Redbus' Australian office) backed an MBO of the LONSEC business
  • This was followed by the acquisition of Super Ratings
  • Through driving cost efficiencies and new strategic initiatives the business has continued to perform well
  • In 2013 Lonsec was named the Money Management Research House of the Year in Australia
  • In 2014 the syndicate (incl. Redbus) made a partial exit when it sold a 10% stake in FRH at a 3x valuation
  • The business is growing, profitable and generating substantial free cash flow


  • Purpose either through collaboration with the world’s leading organisations or on its own, creates and develops technology, tools and content that move millions to remake the world
  • Purpose is structured as a B Corporation, (for-profit company with a social mission)
  • In 2015 it raised $3m from investors including Redbus
  • Purpose is the worlds leading builder and advisor in relation to Grassroots movements. It sells consulting services to big companies such as Google and Audi, and to charities such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union. It helps them to build mass movements to support their favourite causes

Cardiac Dimensions

  • In April 2014 Redbus invested in Cardiac Dimensions Pty Ltd, as part of a financing event which recapitalised a previously existing US Company
  • Cardiac Dimensions is a medical device company that is commercialising an easy to implant device, "the Carillon", for the treatment of functional mitral valve regurgitation (FMR)
  • FMR is a particular type of heart failure that affects close to 4mn people globally
  • The Carillon is a disruptive and improved solution for treating FMR and to date over 400 patients have been implanted with the device around the world
  • Cardiac Dimensions have a team of 40+ staff and are on the path to becoming a cash flow breakeven business


  • Eighteen-24 owns a national network of portrait digital and static 6-sheet advertising poster sites located on UK university and college campuses, targeting the 18-24 year old audience directly
  • Eighteen-24 is the UK’s largest media owner on campus with over 220 digital screens
  • Redbus fully funded Eighteen-24's Seed round and subsequent follow on round
  • Eighteen-24 established itself as the leading student advertising business in the UK
  • Redbus provided development capital in 2011 to fund Eighteen-24's expansion into digital advertising


  • Redbus founded Video Island in November 2002
  • Largest online DVD rental subscription service in the UK
  • Series C funding completed with Benchmark Capital and Index Ventures
  • Video Island acquired it's leading competitor, Screen Select in 2004
  • In 2006 Video Island transacted a 50/50 merger with Lovefilm and becomes Europe's largest online DVD rental business with operations in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany
  • In 2008, Amazon Inc invested a significant stake in Lovefilm / Video Island
  • In 2011, Amazon Inc acquired Lovefilm / Video Island


  • Redbus Ventures recently completed an intermediate funding round for Kabbee, the London taxi comparison and booking business
  • In October 2012, Kabbee raised $3.25m from Redbus Ventures, Samos Investments, Pentland Group and Betfair founder Ed Wray
  • Founded in June 2011, Kabbee has more than 50 cab fleets and 4000 minicab drivers signed up and provides price comparison and booking services via iOS and Android apps as well as online
  • Rapid growth since Redbus Ventures' investment
  • In November 2013, Kabbee concluded a £3.8m ($6.2m) Series A funding round led by Octopus Investments


  • Redbus Group funded the Series A round for JoyRider in it's entirety in 2004
  • JoyRider quickly becomes a leading advertising production house developing a world class reputation and completing campaigns for many household brands
  • September 2010 Redbus Group sold a third of it's stake for a sum in excess of it's entire investment
  • September 2013 Redbus Group sold it's remaining stake in an MBO

Redbus Media Group

  • Redbus Media Group's "Point of Sale" division specialises in trolley advertising
  • It is the leading provider in the UK having exclusive arrangements with Asda, Sainsbury's and Tesco
  • The "Retail Parks" division operates a national network of illuminated and elevated 6-sheet advertising poster sites in proximity to retailers and leisure outlets on retail parks
  • It currently has in excess of 1000 panels and is the UK’s largest media owner on retail and leisure parks